-Will this fit my car seat ? 


Universal Fit - any vehicle with a typical headrest. 


-Can I use this on my back seats ?                                                                                              

CleanRide can be used on any seat with a typical headrest.

Be sure the seat belt is accessible to the passenger. Safety first, always wear your seat belt.


-Will this work with my heated seats ?

CleanRide seat cover is designed to heat and cool with your fabric or leather seats.


-I have side airbags, will this be a problem ?

CleanRide was designed to be compatible with side airbags.


-What kind of material is CleanRide made of ?

Special Grade order-resistant fabric (silky feel) with a waterproof backing.


-What are the care instructions ?

Simply rinse away sweat and dirt.

To remove stains, wipe clean with soapsuds and lukewarm water.


Stain resistant / Easy cleaning

Easy-Cleaning / Quick-Drying