-The Only 100% Waterproof, Odor-Resistant car seat protector

- Perfect for: Dirty Jobs, Sweaty workouts, Obstacle coarse races, Surf sessions, Beach trips, Kid messes

- Apply in Seconds, Extremely Compact Design for convenient storage

- Comfortable silk-like material, rinse away dirt and sweat, Simple NO straps connection

- 90 day WARRANTY. Patented. Made in USA.


- perfect for -  


Nothing is worse than having your car smell like sweat from all your training sessions. Not only are our covers waterproof, but they are easy to rinse away sweat and dirt and air dry in minutes. 


Wet car seats or damp towels can leave moisture in your car and damage your seats. With time, the fabric can get moldy and leave an unpleasant smell in your car. CleanRide car seat protector is made with a 100% waterproof coating.



Kids love to play, and play they should. But sometimes they bring the mess from soccer practice, play dates or food along with them in the car. As someone who spends every day in their car, you deserve to keep it clean. We make it easy for you to do that by making sure our covers can be easily removed and cleaned after the kids leave the car.  


Check out what our happy customers have to say:

"My dog and I are deliriously happy with the Clean Ride product!! Now we can go to the lake every day and not worry about destroying the original upholstery . . ." (CJ) 10/30/14

"After running, especially during these hot summer months, I'm usually drenched in sweat. With Clean Ride, I feel more comfortable just getting in my car (leather seats) and not worrying about ruining those seats." (Ozzie) 9/1/14

"CleanRide has saved my car from experiencing the unforgiving stink and sweat of a quality, ass-kicking workout. Hells yeah CleanRide!"    (Aaron) 8/18/14

"It's been clutch every time I go to the beach, when I'm soaked from sweating, when I have dirty summer camp kids in my car . . ." (Stephen) 6/28/14

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